LICEXCHANGE The No Lip Service Lice Service
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     Created to fill a need for experienced, hard-working clinicians, whose labor can make all  the difference in terminating head lice.  Raise your expectations while lowering your costs.  People-not products-eradicate head lice. 
                               Every child treated by LiceXchange receives a gift for being extra special!          
After many years of working for others,  I'm putting my stamp on my own service.  The trust I've earned will be put to good use,  furthering my belief that change can be for the good of all.
SCREENINGS for head lice are still the most effective preventative tool we have.  They nip problems in the bud, before they grow into major infestations, saving countless families the stress & expense that accompany head lice.  Magnification lamps with well-trained eyes spell success!
TREATMENTS, using only 100% organic products- must include continuing maintenance for a period of two weeks.  It is a process of eradication that works by creating an inhospitable environment on the scalp. Successful termination of head lice is accomplished by strict adherence to a few cardinal rules, after accurate diagnoses have been made & potential transmission routes have been identified.

  • COMB, as if your life depends on it- (metal works best) with any thick, white conditioner & baking soda.  Anything dark in this mixture can signify head lice (either the egg or the louse).
  • OIL the scalp religiously, at bedtime - Any oil will work (i.e. Olive, Coconut, Almond, Tea Tree, Lavender, etc.)
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