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Diagnostic screenings for head lice - when performed by experienced, well-trained clinicians with magnification lamps - highlight potential problems early. Doing nothing is like waiting for the other shoe to drop - not an option for most school & camp communities.  Being pro-active means you are already ahead of the curve, not behind it.  Putting a head lice management plan into action is what LiceXchange does best.  It's that simple.

My Victorian comb is proof that head lice have been around a long, long time. 

New research shows that Pre-Columbian & Egyptian mummies were so well-preserved that evidence of head lice was still embedded in their braids!  You might say, they don't seem to be going away...
More About School Screenings:

To be effective, school screenings need to be done in one day or even back-to-back for larger schools.  Having one or two school nurses check classes over the course of a week or more, does little more than identify cases.  It will not stop an infestation in its tracks.

Diligence with Head Lice Pays Off:

1. Screen & document cases

2. Educate families about tools & methods of treating

3. Follow-up on original cases

4. Re-screen all classes or grades that had cases about one week later - to make sure no new cases have cropped up.
                   SCHOOL SCREENINGS

Although the CDC (Center for Disease Control) & other academic & pharmaceutical research tries to thwart the benefits of preventative controls like screenings, our experience proves otherwise.  Ask any PTA Rep or School Nurse & they'll tell you what a difference a professional screening makes.  Not only will active cases of head lice be diagnosed in the earlier stages -while treatment is less invasive to the family at large, but fewer additional families will contract it, as well.

Let's Reiterate:  Early diagnosis means cases are less severe; Less spread means fewer cases overall;  Fewer cases means everyone involved can focus on the business at hand faster - LIFE!

Furthermore:  This means less $ money spent on products that the lice are resistant to;  Less housework with all the upheaval when lice invade;  Less stress amongst family members & the school community;  Less days off work;  Less missed school & less stigma being passed around. 

And less business for companies like mine, treating cases of head lice!  But, that's okay!

I'd say that even though misdiagnoses of head lice are the number one reason that screenings for head lice fail, please don't throw out the baby with the bath water! 
                                                                                          Experience does make all the difference!

                                                                             CAMP SCREENINGS

Whatever budget you've got - one vital element of a summertime of pure pleasure & fun, has got to be Head Lice Management.   Pinching pennies...who isn't?  Start the summer off right.  Even one, opening day screening will provide maximum results for your dollar.  Health staff in a camp setting are not prepared for the intricacies of head lice...nor should they be.  Outsource this mundane, but crucial task to the experts & your camp families will be singing your praises. 

Lice love to travel!  We love your international campers as much as you do, but show your TLC by giving them the once over.  Everyone will be grateful you did!       Treatments go organic.       Forget "natural".         Remember:    It's all or nothing with head lice.
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